TOLD by Hani Law
 Copyright © 2006
    All Rights Reserved
Myth 1       
If we were hit or touched by the walking stick of a blind
person, we would be unlucky in our next three lives.

LESSON : give way to blind people when we see them

Myth 2        
We have to finish every grain of rice in our bowl, otherwise
we would be married to a partner who has pockmark on
his/her face.

LESSON: never waste any food.

Myth 3
There was once a prostitute who was in love with a man.
They stayed in the Guang Chang Long Inn and lived happily
together for a while. After several months, the man left her
for another woman. The prostitute was so devastated that
she killed herself by jumping over the balcony in her room.
A year later, a man happened to stay in the room in Guang
Chong Long Inn where the prostitute had killed herself. One
evening, when he switched off the light and was getting
ready to retire, he suddenly saw a woman standing by the
door of the balcony. He shivered and knew that she was a
ghost. The ghost was the prostitute and she requested the
man to help her by bringing her spirit to her ex-boyfriend’s
house, so that she could see him again. The man agreed but
did not know how. The ghost told him that she would hide
herself in his umbrella. She would travel to wherever the
umbrella took her.

LESSON : never steal other people’s umbrellas.

Myth 4       
We should never draw or make any marks on a person’s
face when she is asleep, because her soul will not be able
to recognize and return to the body to which it belongs. The
person will never then wake up.

LESSON : never be mischievous and disturb other people
when they are sleeping.

Myth 5
If you lie, your custom tooth will come out.

LESSON : we should never lie.

Myth 6
If you abuse your parents, you will be struck by thunder
and lightning.

LESSON : never abuse your parents.

Myth 7
Bad luck will fall upon you when you have a mirror facing
your bed.

LESSON : do not look at yourself and your partner in the
mirror when making love.  This was regarded as an
indecent thing to do in the olden days.

Myth 8
If you are evil and not kind-hearted in your life, you will
become an animal in your next life.

LESSON : be a good and charitable person.

Myth 9
A family with a pregnant woman is not supposed to have
any decoration work done at home, otherwise the baby may
be borne with a disfigured face.

LESSON : it is dangerous for a pregnant woman to stay in a
place where nails and hammers are around
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